Colombian Jargon Success Tips. Considered one of your favourite region in Latin The usa, this Colombian slang tips guide will assist you to fit into.

Colombian Jargon Success Tips. Considered one of your favourite region in Latin The usa, this Colombian slang tips guide will assist you to fit into.

Later on would be the previous day’s my favorite two month credit in Colombia and I’m advancing.

When I first found its way to Colombia I found myself extremely aggravated because i really could certainly not see Colombians. Colombian jargon has its own pair construction and slang.

I used to ben’t certain that it has been mainly because they had been mumbling, talking rapidly or combining the two.

Colombia happens to be a nation with thousands of residents and different decorations throughout.

This lends by itself to several forms of phrase are adapted nationally. Below, are the most well known Colombian slang terms, Colombian slang insults and Colombian slang greetings normally.

Counter of items

Essential Colombian Jargon

Something used to do know is the fact there is an unbelievable amount expressions that I did not realize:


Listo practically mean ‘ready’ but their additionally made use of if something is sensible or cool or okay.

We notice this several times each day yet when We first of all arrived I thought everyone was always asking me if I would be completely ready.


With delicious aguardiente and various other tasty Colombian products truly overly simple be hungover.

In Mexico these people consider it crudo, which means uncooked. Nonetheless Colombian Spanish for hangover are guayabo.

Sample: Este guayabo myself va a matar…(EN) This hangover is going to eliminate me personally.


That’s correct, this English word is employed most in Colombia and is familiar with make reference to a person, a lad or a baby.

Illustration: Este boy es muy buena persona (This boyfriend is an extremely good guy).

a los angeles orden

Colombians are really respectful plus there is a sense of custom in talk.

Any person servicing a person, from a minicab driver to a grocery store clerk will state this for your needs. They essentially indicates ‘to order’ but is way more very much like ‘at your very own service’.

I didn’t appreciate this one in any way, especially when i’d whine to cab owners people are charging me too a lot and answered with this particular phrase which actually planned receive from the taxi gringa.


This is certainly made use of a good deal in Colombia and means if a person feels delighted or comfy in many location or condition.

Situation: “Te veo muy amanado en la fiesta” o “te veo bastante amanada en tu nueva casa” (EN) “we help you very happy at the group” or “I help you delighted in your new house”

Con mucho gusto

Another Colombian pleasantry that is perplexing. Whilst in any other country it signifies ‘nice to get to know you’ I launched experiencing it right here from waitresses along with other solution anyone as soon as I thanked all of them.


Caliente doesn’t best imply hot but it also indicates naughty in Colombian jargon. We discovered this the difficult way any time my own dancing lover couldn’t know I happened to be expressing I found myself horny temperature wise.

Posting: a sort good friend just published myself it has been because we claimed estoy consumidor and never tengo calor. Tutorial mastered.

Hacer una vaca

Even though this Colombian slang means prepare a cow. It is far from fairly far off.

The definition “Hacer una vaca” or “Hagamos la vaca” is about accumulating income among numerous customers for a specific goal.

Colombians do it a lot to purchase meal, for trips, for activities, for birthdays, etc.

Case: Hagamos una vaca para irnos de paseo el fin de semana. (En) Let’s share our very own income together to take journey for week end.


If you wish to fit into you must drop ‘si’ begin utilizing neighborhood consult.


Colombians enjoy marvel at cosmetics and bonita, hermosa, guapa and preciosa weren’t reducing it; you’ll often listen them incorporate lindo/linda to descibe attractive factors.


This could furthermore mean “Monkey” but also in Colombia is used much “mico o simio” to refer to a monkey.

Mono is used a great deal to refer to a golden-haired person (it is stated with passion), extremely, if you’re a foreigner and blonde, you may hear a ton that they phone your “Mono” or “Mona” in case you are a female.

Sample: You’re in a local store plus they say “Que se le da mono” “What can I do for your needs, blondie?


All tactics to say a thing happens to be cool although seemingly chimba trumps chevre similar to the way awesome trumps fun.

But be cautious because chimba in addition represents feminine genitalia – although relatively nice to view these people no less than appropriated it in having a positive light.


Truly accustomed involve somebody that is a really friend, that like a friend and whos constantly during the memories and awful.

In Colombia family also grow to be portion of the kids, although in Colombia luckily they are quite helpful therefore make use of parcero to be a lot more friendly in order to enter in self esteem.


Like our very own cut expressions in English ‘por favour’ is too much for lots of Colombians so that it’s get porva. This became the escort in St. Louis only real jargon that irritated me personally since I could not locate the verb in just about any dictionary.

As soon as we learned these i must say i felt like I got used our Spanish to a new level, definitely that is here but tomorrow I’ll maintain Ecuador and there can be a completely new batch of expressions to master.


This expression can make reference to a thing, situation or measures. As an example: “?Que problema con esa vaina!” or “Se dano esa vaina…”.

The french interpretation is definitely “What an issue with that things!” or “That thing try broken!…”

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